About Matt…

I love God, my family and my friends.

I love all things outdoors from camping, to whitewater rafting to mountain biking to star searching and rainy day playing.

I like ultimate frisbee, soccer, photography and poetry too.

I don’t like pollen, mustard or toll roads.

I like to ask questions (even those I don’t know how to answer)

I spent 2011 living in Morogoro, Tanzania where I was a United Methodist Long Term Volunteer serving at Morogoro UMC and Wesley Primary School. I taught English and a technology course and helped out wherever I could. It was certainly an adventure and blessing living there and each day held stories I hope to never forget…

Now I’m back in the States working with the Boys and Girls Club of America and continuing my passion of serving our children and youth in need of self-worth, encouragement and motivation to succeed! Enjoy my thinking thoughts that hopefully provoke some thoughts and questions of your own…

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