[also a bit delayed…oops…]

In late June,  I attended a not-so-average conference. Its motto was “Justice. Spirituality. Music. Art.” How awesome is that? And what made this conference a bit different was that it wasn’t held in some conference center but an outdoor pavilion in the woods…and… we didn’t stay in hotel rooms but tents!



Twas a lovely weekend filled with conversations, worship, fellowship and ticks!

I had a great friend, Brandon, join me for part of it and enjoy the Goose. Here he is:


Most conversations over the weekend were focused on social justice and the church’s (both the “congregation” and the “person”) part in righting it, simple living  as well as living in community. We read Scripture, worshiped, talked about our passions and shared in meals throughout the weekend. When I first arrived on site and began pitching a tent, my neighbor made me a turkey sandwich and the relationships naturally began unfolding.


We heard from well-known individuals such as Shane Claiborne and even heard a sermon from the North Carolina’s NAACP President, Rev. Dr. William Barber II, bring the heat on the traditional meanings of “conservative” and “liberal” and how we’re called to be both for God and the church!  The other beautiful thing about this gathering was the encouragement. Whether one was into poetry, painting or playing the guitar, their gifts were supported and uplifted and I really felt like this was place that everyone was listened to whether one agreed with their views or not. I had so many incredible conversations with people about the future of the church and God’s work in this world.


I left those woods, yes covered in poison ivy, but also covered in a fiery passion for serving God and seeking out a lifestyle that brings justice for everyone. For anyone interested in “Justice. Spirituality.Music.Art.” you need to make plans next summer for Wild Goose 2013! (There’s now a West Coast W.G. in Oregon and an East Coast W.G. in North Carolina!) http://www.wildgoosefestival.org