Ten months into my life in Tanzania and I still encounter incredible t-shirts. I’ve seen many shirts that reminisce the glory days of the Charlotte Hornets…. tacky ones such as “A Ninja stole my Homework” and “Welcome to the Gun Show” (both worn by teenage girls interestingly enough!) I’ve seen clothes to remind me of home: Hilton Head, Clemson and a plethora of gaudy Myrtle Beach ones. But one shirt that recently caught my attention said this:

“Does it LOOK like I work here?”

At first glance I chuckled as I envisioned myself wearing my athletic attire to a coat-n-tie event. (surprise surprise…) But then I worked on my reflection some more… If my life, what I do, constitutes my “work” here on earth…what does it look like to earth? When I serve or love others, does it seem “out of character” for me? Are my beliefs evident in what I do and how I do it?

What do you believe in?

TRY THIS! –> If you could choose three words to describe yourself, what would they be? … Now that you’ve chosen three words, do those words actually portray your life’s actions and words well? If you believe in God’s love, does your life reflect and emanate God’s love to others? I took this opportunity to reflect on life, (something I’ve had a fair amount of time to do here…) what’s important to me but also to the people of this world. And I began to ponder: does my life look like





Or are these simply things I seek to do when bored, feeling guilty or seeking attention?

I challenge you to make a list right now of what you believe in. Then compare it to your life and note the results. I’ll go first…

1. God’s unconditional love for all people
2. The beauty, power and significance of relationship
3. The dire need for encouragement, self-confidence and self-worth in our lives (especially the children and youth of today)
4. The necessity of laughter EVERY DAY in our lives

Now comes the hard part…practicing what I preach…

Fill in yours here!





(*Okay I know you can’t actually write your list here on my blog but I figured if you saw the numbered lines you might be more encouraged to try it. Did it work?)