Maybe this story is a result of too much time in the classroom. (Or perhaps it is derived from the inhalation of too much chalk dust…) Regardless, I’ve come to a conclusion that we, “humanity,” are merely pieces of chalk.

Humans, like chalk, are fragile. Our bones break. Our skin wrinkles and bruises. But also like chalk, we have the potential to write incredible stories sharing them with others. As we write our stories a part of us remains with those who “read” our story. Eventually, our chalk is finished. From the dust we were made and to dust we shall return.

But can chalk use itself to write well? If you place a piece of chalk on a table, it will only make a few marks from rolling around that won’t even pass as legible. However, whenever the chalk is placed in the hands of a painter, a composer or a rocket scientist…INCREDIBLE and BEAUTIFUL things can be done. Placing our stories, our chalk, in the hands of God allows for a truly remarkable and meaningful story to be written.

The last piece of my mind I’d like to stick with you is, like chalk,  there will come a time when we are all used up. The chalk eventually runs out and all that remains are traces of the chalk’s existence lingering on the edges of the blackboard. Thinking like chalk helps prioritize the parts of one’s life to focus on what truly matters…what we really want written on our storyboard. What our chalk writes in stories and lessons impacts all those around us.

So let your life be “chalk-full” with stories of love, peace, forgiveness and compassion.
And when you’re down to the final stub of your chalk…
you will know that it was well-spent for God and for others.