My memory is… TERRIBLE! But one thing I particularly enjoy about my malfunctioning memory is its capability of recovering random fragments of memories that recall meaningful events or funny anecdotes .

My last random recollection was the “ending” to the movie Neverending Story. (Ironic, huh?) Sebastian finds himself, adjacent to a precipice boasting a MASSIVE waterfall, knowing that the only way to return home (to return where he belongs) is to jump down into the falls…
Sounds simple, right?

Well, if you have seen this film you’d also remember his immense fear of heights. Regardless, he knew that his only way home was to jump into what seemed like obvious danger. What would you do if you were cliffside, like Sebastian? Feeling the mist of the falls against your skin…knowing the only way back home was a one-way, non-stop ticket DOWN?

Sometimes we face large obstacles and need to trust… to take a leap of faith (if you will)… and go for it! But don’t just take my word for it (anyone catch this Reading Rainbow reference?!?!?) Here are some other interesting characters that took a leap of faith (some quite literally…)

*A certain man was living in the life of luxury and it was only getting better for him. Then, through a series of events (including Jesus speaking to him,) he decided to completely humble himself of his possessions to whole-heartedly serve God. His leap of faith was so shocking that he and a few other “leapers of faith” were quarantined by their fathers who feared some sickness had overcome their boys. This humble servant was Francis of Assisi and his changed life has affected many into turning back to God’s love through compassion and service.

*One man who took the phrase “leap of faith” literally was Jonah of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament.) Of course Jonah first attempted fleeing his calling and hid from God. (But then again, who among us have NOT tried this at some time or another…) Eventually, he realizes his neglected calling and is ready to suffer the consequences. He offered his submission of returning to God by jumping off the ship carrying him during a squall and consequently being devoured by a fish. Note that his abrupt disembarking from the ship was his idea without knowledge of other outcomes besides drowning. His leap led to a beautiful prayer, repentance and a changed life indeed.

*One man  who played more games of “leapfrog of faith” than anyone I know of in recent times is Billy Graham. Mentoring presidents, hosting record-setting weeks of spiritual rallies and services for Christ, serving and loving people ALL around the world…How could a farm boy from North Carolina do so much good for so long without a substantial trust in God?

*Let’s not forget one of the greatest leaps in all history. It was such a large and lengthy leap that is covered the gap between humanity and God… Yes, I know Jesus is God but Jesus was also human. Faced with the realization that he’d have to be tortured, betrayed AND THEN crucified (AKA killed in a painful and humiliating manner) in order to redeem us from our sins, he was stood before a MASSIVE (even fatal) waterfall to do as he was commanded out of love before he too could return home. Scriptures even depict Jesus’ doubts and uncertainties as he tried multiple times to take it off his plate (actually out of his cup) but he knew it was precisely what needed to be done. So…he did it… and humanity was forever changed.

What Waterfall-Choice or calling are you facing right? What is God asking you to do to return back where you belong? You might not think you have the courage or ability to do it, but you do. God equips and encourages all God calls. You’d be surprised at your abilities if you only took a leap of faith.

Back to the movie, Sebastian (terrified out of his mind!) looks down (and you know you’re NEVER supposed to look down…) but closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and jumps. He ends up back at his house with clothes completely drenched (duh…he did just jump into a waterfall.) But he was also overflowing with a new found courage to confront life’s challenges.

Listen to God…

Trust in God…

Return to where you belong and make that Leap of Faith. You won’t regret it!

(And for those of you that actually have a good memory, don’t take that for granted because that is an incredible gift…)