Once again, my fellow teacher’s family has ceased to amaze me with atypical texts that speak truths about life. Here are some more texts I have gathered and my thoughts on them…


Missing u is my “HOBBY”

Care 4/u is my “JOB”

Make u happy is my “DREAM”

Pray 4/u is my “DUTY”

& 2 keep friendship with u is my “CHOICE”

I mic (miss) u



Aside from the general cheesiness of the message (standard!)… do anyone of these describe someone in YOUR life? Is there someone that cares for you like it is their JOB? Is there someone who wishes and dreams that each of your days would be filled with joy? Is there someone that recently CHOSE you over something or someone else to show you just how much you mean to them? I believe there is something deep down inside each of us that craves each of these things: to be missed, cared for, to be happy, to be prayed for, to have a friend by your side… These desires are delicately displayed within our DNA to describe to us the devotion that our God designed for us to have AND use! So, in short, I hope that you can find someone in your life fulfills this TEXT message and that even you can exemplify these traits within your own lives.



There once was a man who was washing his brand new car while his little son was playing in the yard. He had just purchased the car last weekend and today was the first sunny day that allowed for the magical Saturday Morning Carwash. As he rinsed the vehicle off he noticed that his son went into the garden. The young boy returned with some rocks and began playing in the grass next to the car. As the father began soaping up the hood of the car he heard a scratching sound coming from the backside of the car. When he reached there he saw his son, with a rock in hand, and some scratches placed on the back of the car. Without hesitation, the father’s anger roared as he pushed his son back away from the car. His son tripped on the hose and hit his head on the sidewalk. His father quickly realized what he had done and hurried him to the hospital as the boy kept screaming, asking why everything was so dark. After the doctor examined him, the horror was confirmed. The doctor told the father that the hit on the boy’s head had made him blind. When the father returned to his son’s side, the son asked when his sight would come back. Tears streamed down the father’s face as he didn’t know how to answer. When they were returning to their car, the father took another glance at the backside of the car and turned pale at what he saw. Instead of the random scribbles he thought his son has placed on the car it said, “I love you daddy.” —— Anger and Love both have no limits. Choose the better of the two (LOVE) and live a good life.


As horrific as this text message is, that final line does provide us with an important lesson. Anger and Love both have no limits so choose the better of the two for your life. How many of us have acted rashly with anger when something happened we didn’t expect or want to happen? How many times when we are tired, aggravated, frustrated do we quickly choose to act with anger rather than love? I know that I’m just as guilty as the next guy with this but that is why we must be even MORE careful to offer love to those around us instead of anger and hatred. As Ecclesiastes 3:8 states, there is “a time to love and a time to hate.” But don’t let that hate linger and become more than it should be. It isn’t a sin to be angry over something but don’t let is negatively affect your actions and behavior. Also, it’s important to consider what we get angry over and if anger is actually necessary. There are worthy things to be angry about: injustice, racism, and lack of water, food, medicine, education for people all around the world. Let that anger spark a desire to share love and care for those in need. I know we aren’t perfect and we will make mistakes with regards to our anger from time to time, but if we take the time to ask ourselves what we are doing and why we’re doing it, I think we’ll have a better chance at responding to life with love rather than anger.



People should be LOVED and things USED… not the other way around!


Short and sweet and most definitely…well put! What is better for a person?: to be used or loved? What about our possessions…our things?: to be used or obsessively loved/adored? Look within your own life. What or Whom do you love? What or Whom do you use? This, too, is a wonderful question to ponder regularly about our lives to keep us along the straight and narrow path that God has for us. Friendships and family are a lot harder to replace than iPods and cell phones.



Nawatakia mwaka mpya wenye heri;

Pia, nakuombea MUNGU

  • akupe HEKIMA kama za Mfalme SULEIMAN
  • akupe IMANI thabati kama ya mtumishi wake AYUBU
  • akupende kama alivyomlinda DANIEL katika shimo ya simba
  • akupe UJASIRI kama wa SAMSON dhibi ya WAFILISTI
  • akuhifadhi kama alivyomhifadhi YONA katika tumbo la samaki
  • akunusuru kama alivyomnusuru NUHU na ghariki kuu
  • akupe USHINDI kama wa MUSA dhibi ya FARAO
  • akubariki kama alivyombariki IBRAHIMU.




Wishing you all a new year of happiness;

Also, I am praying to God [that]

  • he gives you WISDOM like King SOLOMON
  • he gives you a strong FAITH like the servant JOB
  • he favors you as he protected DANIEL in the Lion’s den
  • he gives you BOLDNESS like Samson against the Philistines
  • he preserves you as he preserved Jonah in the stomach of the fish
  • he defends you as he defended Noah from the great flood
  • he gives you victory like Moses against Pharaoh
  • he blesses you as he blessed Abraham.



Wow, that’s a quick Bible lesson on different characters and their God-given traits and experiences. Isn’t this a nice new year’s blessing to bestow upon someone? Which of these traits describe you? Which ones don’t? If you were to share your answers with someone else reading this blog (all 3 of you…just kidding!) I’m sure the answers would differ. What does that mean? To me, this means that we are each uniquely designed for specific reasons. And it shows that we need different kinds of people in the world to be the people we are called to be. For example, if everyone were doctors, who would teach the doctors how to be doctors? Who would be the policemen keeping the streets safe? If everyone was the President we would never get anything done. We need everyone to be themselves so together we can be one complete humanity. The Bible talks about the analogy of one human body having many parts. Yes the brain and organs are important but what we do if we had no arms or legs and no other senses but 20 pairs of eyes? Or what if we had only feet and no hands? This would drastically change our lives. But with the different parts of the body working together we have the human body capable of so many things. Going back to the Text, what does Wisdom, Faith, Boldness, Strength, Compassion, Mercy, and Encouragement mean? These are gifts from God for us if we but listen to what God has to offer (or has already been offering us!) I was discussing this to a close friend in an email about Psalm 56:13 but God does not give us protection, blessings, God’s favor, strength or wisdom for us to use for our own purposes. God enables us so that we can use them to God’s glory and to care for our neighbors all around us. So don’t let God’s gifts gather dust in the closet along with those slightly-less desired Christmas presents that you’ll never use. Take them and use them and remember to say Thank you.

Happy [rest of] new year!




-Upendo, Rehema, Neema na Baraka wako njiani kuja kwako.

-Tabu, Shida, Masumbuko na Mashaka wao wamekataa kuja kwako.

-Kilio, Mawezo, Masikitiko, wamepataa ajili wakati wanakuja kwako.

-Mafanikio na Maendeleo eti wanakupenda.

-Amani, Faraja, Tumaini na Huruma wanakutakia maisha mema.




-Love, Mercy, Grace and Blessings are on the way coming to you.

-Brokenness, Hardship, Worries and Doubts have refused to come to you.

-Mourning, Possessions, Sorrows have refused reason as to when they are coming to you.

-Prosperity and Progress, guess what!, they like you!

-Peace, Comfort, Faith and Compassion are wishing you a truly good life.


This little proverb has a plethora of truths to seek attentively.

Love, Mercy, Grace and Blessings are on the way. I believe it. Now they might not be what you were expecting or come from the people you thought but they are there. Think about your day (if this is the morning for you, then think about yesterday)… did you experience any of these during that time? Reflect on those experiences and then consider how your day or life would be different had you not received those acts of love, mercy, grace or blessings. Sometimes I know I get caught up with what I don’t have that I tend to forget what I already have right around me. Does that ever happen to you?

Brokenness, Hardship, Worries and Doubts have refused to come to you. It sounds nice but just because they refuse to come doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t come. Just like in life, we try to seek a life without these but they do drop in from time to time. Sometimes when problems strike suddenly and we have little to prepare, we see our true selves and what defines us. It doesn’t make our situation any easier but it’s helpful to know that God is always with us and that these difficult times will help us to better see ourselves, to appreciate our loved ones as well as draw nearer to God. Similarly, Mourning, Possessions and Sorrows never offer a convenient and agreed upon time to present themselves either. When these feelings approach you, ask others for help. We ALL experience mourning and miserable moments in our lives. I know that it seems to appear as a sign of weakness but just ask for help. Ask for a person to listen. Ask for someone to cry with you. There’s nothing wrong with that. That is what family and community (and the CHURCH!) are for! If one of these are visiting you right now, I’m praying for you, for God’s presence with you and for the strength to endure. And here’s to hoping these hardships don’t stay too long with you.

Prosperity and Progress like you! What good news!?! Hearing this makes me think of Jeremiah 29:11-13… “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.’” These verses never cease to amaze me. That throughout all the craziness of life, the good times and the bad times, God is at work within and around me to offer me hope and a future. This will most definitely be different than the exact future I think I have planned for myself but I’m okay with that. But if you notice, it comes with some fine print… “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” God offers us so much for each day and for our lives. May we listen in and seek God from the heart.

Peace, Comfort, Faith and Compassion are wishing us a good life. I think we’d have it no other way! This is where we are on the same page as God. I believe God desires peace, comfort, faith and compassion for everyone on this planet. But how can we expect to receive it from others if we don’t seek to give it to those around us every day? Everyone is capable of these traits and I’m one of those optimistic people (or as someone affectionately refers to me…one of those save-the-world-hippy-guys) who sincerely believes that the world would change if everyone added a just a little more of each of these traits to their daily life.

Therefore, I have one remaining question for each of you… DO YOU SEE?

Do you see these in your life? Do you see your response to them to God and to those around you? Do you see who you are and who you could be…and even more important who God calls you to be? Do you see? Umeona?