So last Saturday, I went on a exhausting hike up 3/4 of the Uluguru Mountain Range next to Morogoro town. I will update more on the journey upward but for now, pictures will have to suffice.

Uluguru Moutains… from the bottom!

Ndizi na Nasi… Bananas and Pineapples…ALL NATURAL! I had never seen a pineapple still in the ground before. Have you?

Here is a picture from the top. Now you can see the city where I am living!

Next is a shot of a boy looking down at his school where he HIKES down AND up the mountain every day for primary school. I was exhausted doing it once but imagine hiking every day… just for school or to go to the market…

And last but not least… we made it to our scenic point called “Morning Site.” I guess it would be a great sunrise spot (if you started hiking at 3AM!)\

We didn’t make it to there unless noon so I guess it takes all morning to make it to the site???

It was a good day for hiking (all 8 hours of walking) but I sure was glad to find a cold bottle of water to engulf and sit for the sake of sitting. More to come of the journey later!