Well, you’d think that after a summer of non-stop travel and adventure that I’d be ready for a break but no, the show must go on. As  I type, I’m in Atlanta preparing for the next two weeks where I’ll be driving across the USA to California and back to visit some close friends, explore some of our countries’ greatest marvels and feed that little travel bug inside of me.

    I’m excited for this trip because I know that something inside of me has a great passion for exploration and personally experiencing natural beauty and wonder. We are blessed with such a fantastic array of environments here in the states and I’m looking forward to checking some of them out: mountains, desert, West Coast, Gulf Coast, Grand Canyon, Midwest and more. I’m also sharing this adventure with my girlfriend, Allison, which will make this time even more significant to me.

   I know that these several weeks will be a time for great reflection, a little self-searching, a lot of fun as well as an opportunity to get out of my element and listen and feel to the world around me. I’m hoping that this space can be a place for me to keep you updated on my whereabouts as well as for me to digest what my mind, soul, body and heart experience in the next few weeks.

Mpaka wakati halafu… (“Until then…”)